A Guide to Choosing A Shower heads With Less Budget

Guest Post by John Smith:

Everyone needs a shower heads. I mean it is one of the basic need of every house in US. However, if you search for a new shower head doing a google search, you’ll notice a lot of niche sites reviewing shower head. Although, some of these sites do provide with great information, however, most of these site review shower head that are either to much expensive or simply not worth buying.

I have a site at where i do review some of the best shower head online. In addition, i also review other types of shower heads such as rain showers, low flow showers and high pressure shower heads. I also recently posted a review on the best led shower heads, where i reviewed some of the best light up shower heads. These shower heads basically turn on a LED when the water flow through them. Shower heads with LED actually do not require any batteries because the power is generated by a small generator inside the shower head.

Another Post that instantly became viral was the best Bluetooth shower head speaker. In this post i reviewed the best shower heads with speakers. These shower heads speakers are connected to a phone. I usually use my iphone to play music and listen to my favorite music while showering.

So if you have less budget and want to find a great shower head, you should simply go to walmart or Amazon to buy one. However, read the reviews on the internet and do you research properly before you go on to purchase your shower head.

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Where to buy mountain bikes?

This post is from our guest John from Planet Cheap Bikes who would tell you guys where to buy mountain bikes.

Hi Everybody, john here. I recently posted an article on cheap mountain bike on my blog where i review some of the best cheap mountain bicycles. There are basically four types of mountain bikes which include:

  1. Dual or full suspension
  2. Soft tail
  3. Hard tail
  4. Rigid

Created for off-road bicycling, mountain bikes have recently been very popular among mountain bicyclists. There are various places where you can buy a mountain bike such as, and but my favorite is, simply because of the huge variety of bikes available on the store. I especially like the bestsellers section on which quickly tell people about the hot sellers in a specfic category.

Another reason why i love to buy mountain bike on Amazon is that there are always bikes on Sale. In fact, almost all of the products are on some sort of promotion or reduced down price. In addition, i found that the suppliers on Amazon offer great service if you encounter any problem with the product after you’ve purchased it.

I remember when i bought my first Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bicycle and i encounter problem with the package of the product. It was in a round condition when it was shipped to me. I simply contacted the supplier and replaced my bike within a couple of days! – Simply awesome. So i always suggest everybody to buy from the biggest store on earth ( Amazon ) until and unless you want to get a super high end mountain bike. For a professional/veteran level mountain bicycle, i’d suggest going out and testing a few bicycles before you purchase any.

Anyways, i hope you find your perfect bicycle.

Use the comment section below to tell us about your thoughts on the topic and what do you think is the best cheap mountain bike to get? Cheers!

My Site To Test Out WordPress!

Hi. Everybody. I have just registered the domain Well, actually i have created the site to test out how wordpress works. As this is my very post on my new site, i’ll try to make it brief.

For a week or two i am just using the default theme by wordpress which is i guess 2016. The reason why i am not changing the theme is that i don’t want to confuse myself with that.

Although i have installed the yoast seo plugin i am still figuring out what  plugins to install on this site.

Anyways, thanks for visiting my website. Have a great day!

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!