MoreVRP transcends traditional APM solutions by empowering users with real-time control of database transaction performance, ensuring optimal Quality of Service for critical enterprise applications. Where traditional APM solutions passively monitor transaction performance, MoreVRP provides the industry-unique ability to proactively and instantaneously improve transaction performance via IO and CPU resource allocation.

The VRP_small™ technology works on the operating system's inter-process level, underneath the database. It is fully transparent to the database, so that no architectural changes are required. 

MoreVRP technology 'listens' to all the traffic between the database and the operating system, without interfering, correlates the data with information gathered from the database, and when a rule is triggered, MoreVRP instructs the operating system to allocate the selected amount of CPU and IO to a specific operation. This is achieved by creating narrower virtual resource lanes to the CPU and IO drivers, and redirecting managed transactions to these virtual lanes. MoreVRP monitors all of the various processes, and generates detailed operational, statistic & analyzing reports.

MoreVRP can control any SQL (Select statements), DML (Inserts, Updates, Deletes and Merges) and even DDL (Alter, analyze, Rebuild etc.)

Instead of stopping (Killing) heavy resource consumers, or re-scheduling them, you just set the amount of CPU power and IO bandwidth you want to allocate to them and let them run in the background without interfering with the online work.

High Availability

In enterprise organizations where maximum availability is required for business continuity, an availability solution for MoreVRP is absolutely crucial. MoreVRP can be configured in a clustered environment to ensure maximum availability for load management, and during server failures.


MoreVRP agent footprint in an average database is 0.5% of a single Core, where, for example, a machine with 4 Cores, MoreVRP uses ~0.12% of the total machine. The system's engine is installed on a Windows PC/Server on the network, and collects various statistics, correlates them, then logs them into an internal repository.


Installation takes 2-4 hours without any downtime or changes to the application or database server. Full implementation which includes performance recording, performance analysis (Using More Reporting capabilities) and the creation of automatic rules, takes 3-5 days in average. MoreVRP is easy to use, but if needed, More-IT-Resource provides a full online training service.

What is MoreVRP

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